Risk manager first, brokers second.

Powering the Leaders of the Future

Equinix offers industry-specific risk management and insurance strategies built to help businesses grow faster, protect their brand and financial health with greater peace of mind.

Commercial Solutions

At Equinix, insurance is just the starting point. We go beyond insurance using our proprietary framework IDM²™ to connect, identify, discuss, design, mitigate and monitor potential risks that can impact your coverage. Equinix is a property and casualty broker designed for leaders and driven by purpose. 

Executive Risk Solutions

Your leadership team is valuable to the health and growth of your business but, they are also vulnerable to persoanl litigation. We will ensure you have the right coverage in place to lead with confidence.

Professional Liability

Professional service provider you assume risk as a normal part of doing business everyday. Patients and clients rely on your knowledge, expertise and sound advice. EPR will help to insure your reputation with aganist  alleged errors & ommissions or claims of misconduct.

HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

Guided approach to HIPAA compliance, our HIPAA SRA service removes the administrative burden of compliance. And follows OCR Aduit Protocol and is based on NIST methodologies.  Simple, Automated, Affordable.

RiskAlchemy+ Total Solution

Fully accountable, fixed priced, and engaged integrated compliance and insurance officer solution. For clients who want to access a dedicated risk manager, practice insurance manager without tremendous amount of financial overhead.

Industry Expertise




Law Firms


Life Science


Financial Institutions & Fintech


Private Equity & Venture Capital


Healthcare Technology

What to Expect


Request a consultation with a licensed insurance professional to capture ideas and identify exposures


Create and Develop Strategies to limit liability exposure


Your advisor will develop a marketing plan and present your risk profile to various carriers


Your advisor will review competitive policies and coverage provisions with you


Deliver, implement and monitor the program to hedge against current and future exposures

Our Story

Proven Leadership Serving Philadelphia & Beyond 

Shanell Windle is the Founding Principal of Equinix Professional Risk. Her career spans more than 15 years and has been exclusively focused on the specialized property & casualty insurance needs of healthcare systems, physicians, and professional services firms. After spending more than a decade with two of the nation’s largest brokers and witnessing firsthand the conflict in the professional liability market, she decided to do something about it: In early 2017 Shanell set out to create a truly independent client-centric insurance partnership. The brokerage firm is designed to reduce the natural conflicts that exist between transactional commissions and policyholders and provide exceptional coverage, service, and significant savings. — Unleashing the power of objectivity.