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Equinix offers industry-specific risk management and insurance strategies built to help businesses grow faster, protect their brand and financial health with greater peace of mind.


At Equinix, insurance is just the starting point. We go beyond insurance using our proprietary framework IDM²™ to connect, identify, discuss, design, mitigate and monitor potential risks that can impact your coverage. Equinix is a risk management & insurance advisory firm designed for leaders and driven by purpose.


Provides you with tailored insurance advice to close the knowledge gap of what is needed to adequately cover your business. Our meeting lays the groundwork for better clarity and education unique to your industry or speciality. You will also benefit from a single policy review. We will ensure you have the right information and action plan to make more strategic decisions when it comes to transfering risk.

Coverage Impact Analysis

We help you gain clarity and insight into your organization’s total cost of risk.  This is accomplished by evaluating exposures and examining risk and insurance programs to determine whether assets are adequately and cost-effectively protected.





Bid Process Optimization

A guided approach to arrange and supervise renewal strategies, proactively manage and evaluate the proposals and negotiate on your behalf. We step in to justly facilitate broker selection.

RiskAlchemy+ Total Solution

Fully accountable, fixed priced, and engaged integrated compliance and insurance officer solution. For clients who want to access a dedicated risk &  insurance officer (CRO) without the tremendous amount of financial overhead.  We provide continued support and advisory to ensure your program scales in scope and limits. This usually includes policy reviews, bid process optimization, contractual transfer assistance, and monitoring or completion of annual regulatory requirements.

Practice Groups


Architects & Engineers






Family Office


Law Firms


Small Business

Our Process


Discovery Call




Portal Access granted for Document delivery and intake form completion


Kick Off Call


Begin audit/analysis process and schedule next call for 72hours


Wrap-Up & Review

Our Story

Proven Leadership Serving Philadelphia & Beyond 

 On behalf of Equinix Professional Risk I would like to welcome you  to our website and thank you for your interest. Our over 20 combined years of serving the Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York has been rooted in integrity and trust. The groups collective career spans two decades and has been exclusively focused on the specialized property & casualty insurance needs of healthcare systems, infrastructure engineering & the construction industry, and professional services firms. After spending more than a decade with two of the nation’s largest brokers and witnessing firsthand the conflict in the professional liability market, the team came together and decided to do something about it: In early 2017 our dedicated leadership team set out to create a truly independent client-centric insurance partnership. The risk management and insurance advisory firm is designed to reduce the natural conflicts that exist between transactional commissions and policyholders and provide exceptional coverage, service, and significant savings.

Our team holds multiple industry certifications and professional memberships as follow:

Certified Governance Risk & Compliance Professional (GRCP)

Certified Construction Risk & Insurance Specialist (CRIS)  

Professional Liability Defense Federation (PLDF)

American Society of Healthcare Risk Managers (ASHRM)


— Unleashing the power of unbiased objectivity.

Construction Risk Management Insurance Specialist
Governance Risk Compliance Professional