Additional Coverages

In addition to our core offering, Equinix Professional Risk can add these additional coverages for comprehensive protection.

Healthcare Technology E&O

Insures you against claims that arise from defects, software performance, and failure of work to perform as promised. Coverage is designed to help technology companies like yours face an evolving array of risks, including firewall vulnerabilities, and software or component defects.

Directors and Officers Liability

Insurance covers directors and officers of organizations for actual or alleged errors, errors or omissions, breach of duty, misleading statements, and neglect in carrying out their responsibilities for the organization. 

Employment Practices Liability 

Providing you with financial protection and peace of mind that you and your organization need through customizable policies that safeguard you and your organization against wrongful employment practice claims.

Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is designed to protect the physicial assets of a business aganist loss or demage from a broad range of causes. Physical assets include: Equipment – Inventory and supplies – Office furniture and fixtures – Computers and electronics – Personal property of employees while on-site – Customer property at your business site – Lighting systems – Windows – Outdoor signs

General Liability 

Our advisory teams designs solutions to mitigate financial and professional liability risk that can impact your organization’s balance sheet, reputation, and earning capacity. Our advis

Workers Compensation Insurance

Provides coverage for claims that an employee was injured during the course of employment. 

Healthcare Regulatory Liability Errors and Omissions

Healthcare Regulatory Liability Errors and Omissions product offers coverage to mitigate the serious exposure presented by regulatory actions, investigations, and audits involving the False Claims Act (including qui tam suits), Stark Law and Anti-kickback allegations, and voluntary disclosure of billing errors to the government or commercial payors.

Umbrella & Excess Coverage

Are designed to provide coverage over and above the limits on the underlying coverage. 

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