About Us

A Speciality Risk Management & Insurance Advisory Firm Based in Philadelphia

With more than 15 years of experience in the insurance, governance, risk, and compliance business, we partner with our clients to help eliminate silos and discover a better way to manage inherent and regulatory risk. 

Our goal is to transform the way our clients manage their risk and insurance. As a result, they eliminate governance silos, reduce administrative burdens while uncovering hidden insights to enable optimal business outcomes. 

Since 2016

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Equinix Professional Risk is one of the leading risk management and Insurance advisory firms focused on supporting ambulatory surgery centers, vascular surgeons,  healthcare technology, physicians, and architecture engineer design, construction professional service firms. We believe in transparency — we are dedicated to building lasting relationships and helping you win now and in the future. We only have one client: YOU

We recognized that in order for creatives and professional service firms to balance the risk/reward principal of doing business. Required a partner to provide clarity and increase education around known and unknow risk, clear explantation of policy language and knowledge of the types of risk their business face.

Our fundamental objective is to enhance our clients business through coverage impact analysis, renewal process managment or co-sourced dedicated risk officer services.  Removing the administrative and technical burdens to allowing you to focus on your core business and think more strategically about insurance.

We would love to do the same for You! 

Our Mission & Vision

We are committed to excellence in everything we do to help our clients prevent, prepare for and recover from business uncertainties. We continuously challenge ourselves to find innovative and better ways to serve clients and communities with care and compassion. 


Informed and timely decisions


Identify hidden opportunity


Plan and support your strategy

What We Do

We provide a better way to manage and procure insurance that drives adherence to regulatory compliance and meets strategic operational goals.

We work across multiple industries, architecures and engineers, consutants, industrial design, construction, interior design and the largest and most complex healthcare systems in the region. Delivering principled performance processes and procedures is at the center of what we do enabling clients to move beyond business insurance to analyze policies/procedures, apply findings, and drive improvements examining the total cost of risk.

Our Approach

We have a consultative approach that goes beyond insurance. Our team of experts focuses on getting to know the unique risks you face, enabling us to better develop and implement customized solutions for exactly what you need – but it doesn’t stop there. Our continual monitoring and improvements to our client’s policies, help each of our clients reduce risk, even when situations change. We call this our RiskAlchemy+ Total Solution.

Our Core Values

Impact is the foundation for all we do.

Coverage Impact Analysis

The first line of defense in any risk transfer program will be the terms of the indemnification and overall governing language found within the policy. Let us read the fine print for you.

Renweal Process Optimization

Equinix Professional Risk works with healthcare organizations to employ effective analysis, asessment and monitoring processes to identify and manage compliance risks.

Program Review

We evaluate exposures and examine risk and insurance programs to determine whether assets are adequately and cost-effectively protected.

Why Chooose Us

Equinix Professional Risk is a pioneer in delivering comprehensive and effective risk transfer strategies, regulatory compliance services with multiple industries. We design solutions that not only meet operational and regulatory requirements but that are also highly specialized and effective at improving insurance programs and health care compliance programs. Our approach considers the uniqueness and complexities of each organization we work with.


Choice & Objectivity